Talk to us!

We’ve been getting lots of questions and we’ve been trying to answer all of them, but since they’re all over the place and on all of our posts (and pages), we decided to make a page dedicated to your questions!

Please check the FAQ before asking your question; the answer may already be there.

So, feel free to speak up! What do you want to ask?

217 thoughts on “Talk to us!

  1. DefinitelyNotSuperion

    Please explain how Superion can be so awesome! He is the best! I want to know his secret!

    • Alan

      Well, you see, it’s because he’s Hungarian. That automatically gives him a 1000x boost to awesomeness. πŸ˜‰

  2. Chong

    i just keen to know what the translation check department do and is it really important to sub the series?

    • TLC ensures that our translation is on point, and accurately translated to English.

      • Alan

        Without it, you might get subs that are the quality of the first half of Stream. πŸ˜‰

  3. Chong

    Thank for the explaination. I hope the delayed wont be too long

  4. ZerofanEX

    After you guys finish Rockman Stream; can you guys do Rockman.exe Beast plus episode 10 to 25? Because those episodes were never subtitled and it will be easier on you because those episodes are only 10 mins long each.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    • Alan

      That is our plan. However, Ryouko from Puku Anime recently confirmed that she will try to sub the rest of Beast+ with Puku Anime this fall.

      • I’m sooo happyyyyyy!! I was going to ask the same question. I hope you finish this project and then start with Beast +. It’s a dream come true. Thank you very much guys. You really do a great job. I love you!!

  5. ZerofanEX

    thank you for telling me i will look into that when the time comes.

  6. Roll

    AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME! Thank you for releasing the episode!

  7. malek abumojeh

    When will beast plus dubbed

  8. malek abumojeh

    For real
    We are at August …now?

    • Alan

      Beast+ will most likely never be dubbed. Ryouko has announced plans to finish subbing Beast+ with Puku Anime in the fall.

  9. BKPhantom

    Are you the only team that is subbing Megaman stream??

    • Yes, we’re the only team at the moment that is subbing Rockman.EXE Stream. WolfPack Productions have been on hiatus for the last few years, and Puku Anime again have been on hiatus for some time, but they’re planning to finish Beast+ this fall.

      • Alan

        That means that you’ll just have to deal with our faults. Hahaha.

  10. Chong

    Are u guys working on the next episode? cause i bee seeing the status of episode latest released episiode

  11. Himawari

    Um, I always checked on your episode progress here and now but new to WordPress and didn’t have a site of it so sorry to interrupt your work. Rockman EXE Stream Episode 33 isn’t listed in! Could you please do something about it?

    • Alan

      We are not affiliated with We have links to watch and download the episode on our site. We have no control over’s listings.

  12. Himawari

    Too bad… Anyway, someone else outside here who was affliated in any Watch Anime Online sites should fix the issue here or it would bring disappointment to any Rockman EXE fans.

    • Alan

      You could always come here and get the releases directly.

    • It’s not very difficult to just download it or watch it here from… it hosts the video ad-free and plays the raw. Besides, anime distributor sites take our productions and post it on their sites, we always deliver first. Sometimes they cut out the parts where subbing groups put their marks, like in the intro or the intermission.

  13. Priscilla

    I was wondering if you will also sub Rockman.EXE Stream 01-24 as well because I have been trying to find the eng sub version and when I do find them no one is seeding them so I have not been able to watch the first half. Please let me know I have been dying to know what is going on for the Stream version.

    • Alan

      Depending on what the community wants, we will either go back and work on Stream 1-24 or proceed to Beast+.
      This information can be found on our FAQ.

  14. Priscilla

    Thanx I hope you’ll sub them πŸ˜€

  15. First of all, thanks for your work, the fans (including myself) really needed a proper translation. Secondly, in your releases the audio track is off by dunno-how-many milliseconds. Hope you can fix the problem.

    • (Oh, I guess I should do new RAWs for the Rockman.EXE series since the current ones are pretty crappy IMO.)

  16. Michele

    I Just want you to know that I Can’t wait to see episode 36, that you’re my hero since you’re subbing this series, that I hope that you will sub even Beast+! I Also hope that this website ( is not taken down because of copyright or I’ll start spreading DarkChips over the Net causing fear and terror to Capcom! I’ll wait until I get Episode 36, until then RockON! πŸ˜€

  17. zetsu1806

    what about the torrents? D:

    • Alan

      What about them? They’re still on the site, no?

      • NyaaTorrents is down, again… :\ Thus, people can’t access to them.

  18. Dolsan

    Can you give a rough estimate as to when all of stream will be done?

  19. zetsu1806

    can you upload raw torrents? xD
    i wanna watch raws, sometimes and i wanna save the episodes in my external hard drives, just in case i wanna watch the mega man series again in the future. πŸ˜›

  20. zetsu1806

    thanks!! πŸ˜€

  21. zetsu1806

    40% yay!…

  22. jaken

    u guys are slower then normal whats up

    • “College applications and extracurriculars are stressful. We’ll have it done within 2 weeks, guaranteed. You can quote me on that.” – Alan on October 1st, 2014.

  23. Daniel

    HaHaHA…..! i almost think they were dead………………….. Again :X_X:
    Dont worry, I’m supporting you guys πŸ˜‰

  24. Himawari

    The playlist of your Dailymotion is empty and Rawland website containing RAWs from Rockman EXE series are deleted! I know that it’s against the Terms of Use, but could you please reupload the RAW videos to Dailymotion again?

    • I was actually thinking of uploading them to Google Docs eventually.

    • Yeah, it was deleted due to some problems. But I’ve created a WordPress blogsite where I’ve started to put my releases back.

  25. zetsu1806

    good idea πŸ˜›

  26. DarkRockmanFan

    Hmm, that “Alan’s Secret Project” got me hyped up already…
    I know you guys can’t give away something secret, but can you guys at least give a clue regarding what it’s about? A vague clue? A riddle? A wordplay? Anything? Please?

    • Alan

      It’s something exciting, that’s for sure. You could think of it as a penance of sorts, as well.

      Total non sequitur; an important date is coming up soon. And by soon, I mean this year.

  27. Megafan

    Will you guys also be subing Rockman Beast & Beast Plus with Beast +++?. and thank you for all your hardwork I have been wanting to finish this series for years.

    • Alan

      We will be subbing Beast+ from episode 10 onward. This information is also on our FAQ. πŸ™‚

  28. Can i help out

    Is it hard to be a translator checker? cause it seems to be longest task u guys take to finish

    • Alan

      Being a translation checker requires fluency in both Japanese and English, to ensure that the translation is accurate. Our translation checker has a JLPT N1 level of proficiency, but very little free time.

  29. Alan? I see there is a secret project… How much longer should it take? Is it like a dubbing project? Could you be dubbing stream? Hmm… only time may tell.

    • Alan

      Not telling. There’s a specific, special date, but I’m not revealing anything* beforehand.

      *Anything. But there may be clues. For example, our release history.

  30. Jacrad

    How do you start the process of finding translators for your project? Is there a big-name forum where you post a potential project and see if you can garner interest?

  31. RockCross

    Will there be more subs for Rockman Stream along the way?
    Will Rockman Beast Plus also have more episodes to be subbed since the last one has been #9 for a few years already??

    • Alan

      Yes, Rockman.EXE Stream is an active project. Our last release was 3 days ago, in fact.

      The answer to your second question can be found on the FAQ.

      Q: What are your plans after finishing Stream?

      A: Depending on what the community wants, we may work on the earlier episodes of Stream to improve the translations, or start work on Beast+ from Episode 10.

  32. Emmanuel

    Do you guys have a facebook page?

  33. Omega

    Hey, can you plz post on vimeo? It takes me too much time to watch on another .

    • Yeah I’ve been trying to keep that in mind for future releases.

      I’ll do our most recent episodes that are not on Vimeo soon.

  34. Quintus

    Hello, I have no idea where to follow Hi-C’s subs. They put links for episodes 1-4, but for 5-25 the links are incomplete. Either I was following the wrong link, or they did not upload some at all.

    Please do 1-24 for our sake, you have all my support!

    Are you guys doing translations for Chinese too? Since you seek Chinese crew. I am willing to provide some help if I could. I’m fluent in only English and Chinese, however. On the way learning Japanese, but I’m sure I can’t help on that anytime soon. Do let me know if you need my help.

    • Alan

      For episodes 5-25, they posted their scripts, which were not timed or edited. Bass picked them up and timed them so that the community had something.

      We do not translate to Chinese; the reason that we mention Chinese is that we have a Chinese source that I work from to translate. If you would like to help out, I’d encourage you to fill out the Recruitment form. We’d love to have you. πŸ˜€

      • Quintus

        Though it seems to me that some episodes, with the link “script”, lead us to nothing, so I don’t know what the something is.

        Sure, I’m glad to help out with anything. Will fill up the form after school. From what you mentioned, the Chinese source is to be translated into English, right?

        • Alan

          Links to the videos with the bad subs can be found on the page.

          Yes, that’s right; Chinese -> English.
          We have audio in Mandarin or Cantonese, and Traditional subs.

  35. IcyGuy

    I wanted to join with you guys, but I think there is a problem. I just applied in the “Recruitment” section the day before yesterday, but I haven’t got a reply since then. If you guys are busy, then I understand, but I also wanted to help out in any case. Please look into it if any spare time is given. Thank you in advance.

    • Alan

      You’re fine, and we received your application, but it takes a while for us to discuss and come to a decision. Please be patient.

      • IcyGuy

        Okay, thanks for the info, sorry if I disturbed you in any way.

      • IcyGuy

        I’m guessing I can’t join the group, right? Well, its your decision, so I can’t do anything about it. Thanks for looking into it, really, really appreciate.

  36. shadic

    how do you translate the japaness talk to the english language and put it in subtitles do you use a translator

    • Alan

      We have people who know both languages, and can write the meanings of the phrases in English.

  37. GrΓ©gory Gustavo

    Hello, I am Brazilian, and I am starting a ROCKMAN.EXE translation project, and was wondering if you could provide the raws for me to caption the same.

  38. shadic

    cool it is really hard to learn the Japaneses language and phrases

  39. Justin

    At the rate at which you guys are going, excluding this episode y’all are currently working on, you will be finish in 20 months, approximately around January of 2017, if you continue to do an episode every two months,…. not to be rude, just showing the figures.

  40. Malek Abumojeh

    Hey guys after you gonna finishing subtitling the rest of the episodes im gonna re subtitling into arabic so can everyone in the middle east watch it
    Becuse nt warrior was my favorite cartoon since i was 9 years old besides megaman nt warrior english version and axess have been dubbed into arabic

  41. Malek Abumojeh

    Does anybody know what the name of the electronic mix out that comes when megaman become a beast

  42. Malek Abumojeh

    Please guys finish subtitling the episodes faster than this rate

  43. Justin

    Sorry, make that around spring of 2017.

    • Malek Abumojeh

      Maybe they have school or something

      • Justin

        It’s summer break now.

        • Malek Abumojeh

          Ya i know school is closed now but i don’t know how it’s going at Japan

          • Justin

            …… Now I feel stupid.

          • Malek Abumojeh


          • Malek Abumojeh

            Sorry i meant “Why? “

          • Justin

            I say that sometimes when something obvious is pointed out to me after discussing something or something in a Zelda game.

  44. Sali

    You guys are amazing! I gave up on Stream being subbed few years ago, since all other subgroups had abandoned it – imagine my surprise when I browsed Nyaa at random and found your releases! I’m so excited to finally watch Stream subbed, and I love all of you for it.

    Just continue being awesome. Because you are.

  45. Violonchel

    Thanks so much for continuing to work hard on this project! Stream is my favorite season so I am beyond excited to finally see it subbed. I wish you the best, there are a lot of people cheering for you guys out there!

  46. Malek Abumojeh

    are u guys gonna drop the project somehow???

  47. DarkRockmanFan

    How busy is Alan?
    It’s been on QC2 for too long…

  48. DarkRockmanFan

    Hi Alan,
    If you’re reading this, i want you to know that you have my support.
    You don’t need to worry about fansubbing or work for now. Your health is more important. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!
    Don’t forget: we’re with you for whatever you need!!!

  49. Naobel

    The fact that all of you continue to do this for so long is a blessing upon the fandom, so regardless of how long it takes, I’m grateful. I really hope that things go well for all of you, and it’s important to take the time off that you need, you know…? Don’t worry about the series if time is what you need. The health of all of you is what is most important, so do what you need for as long as you need. Just know that, no matter what, we’re all so grateful for all that you’ve done already. Thank you…! And I’m sending you all my well wishes and support. I hope that things will get better for you soon.

  50. Violonchel

    Alan you’ve done so much for this project and it really means a lot! Thank you so much for everything you do. I’m sending you and the rest of the group a lot of good vibes, and all my support too! We’re here for you, and we wish you all the best.

  51. Pyro

    Thank you all so, so much for your hard work. I hope Alan will get better. Your well being comes before everything else, so if it’s time that you need, we shall wait ! May the subs come when you’re all fine and fresh !

  52. sugu

    Hey, just wanted to let you guys know you’re doing a great job! You’re doing what most people wouldn’t have the patience or will to do so hang in there, you rock! πŸ˜‰

  53. Powerup

    Hey guys ! Please don’t worry over the delays, your health and private life comes first. We’ll wait as much as necessary ! The work you’ve done so far is outstanding, and we’ll never thank you enough for all the effort you’ve put into each episode that you’ve subbed so far. I really, really hope that things will get better for everyone. Good luck and thanks again for everything !

  54. omg you guys I gave up years ago on this series ever being finished, you are doing good work~! Don’t get discouraged, it’s hard, but I know you can do it~~! Every time a new episode comes out, I can say there is a large group of people who freak out and liveblog it and just generally appreciate it. Never forget that we respect the work you do! If you get sad or overwhelmed, just remember: Meijin believes you can do it.

  55. ChibiGirl1992

    Hey! Thanks so much for dubbing the series! It makes it alot more enjoyable to watch! Keep up the good work too!

  56. Nutty

    Thank you for all the work you have done. I appreciate the time you took to deliver the episodes and I’ll continue to be patient for the new ones to come. Take all the time that you need to translate them. Take care!

  57. Sonny

    Hi! Just dropping by to say I’m really grateful for all you do! A few years ago I thought I’d never get to see Stream subbed, but you guys took the time to do it, and you don’t know how happy I was when I found out about you. Thank you for all your hard work! Take all the time you need to do it, and take a break if it ever gets too overwhelming! We are all willing to wait, and your health and personal life is much more important. I send you all my best wishes!

  58. Ruckus

    Thanks for all your hard work. I just got back into Rockman.exe and I’m glad to be able to watched subbed Stream episodes.

  59. Role Blaze

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve been doing! I watched the entire series without subs, because there was no other way. Now I’ll finally know what’s going on! I’ve been in love with the exe series since it first came out, and I can hardly express how much your work means to me.

  60. zwclose7

    When will you continue your project?

    • Alan

      Very soon. I’m slowly getting better.

  61. Shirogane Rekka

    Hey,i’ve just watched Rockman.EXE Stream episode 28!

    Thanks for the subs!

    Anyways,are you aware of the Megaman series’ newest brother series,Gaist Crusher?

    If yes,can you continue the subbing from episodes 7 onward?

    • Alan

      Uh, possibly. It would have to wait until after we finish Stream and Beast+, if we were to decide to do it.

  62. DarkRockmanFan

    How’s Alan?
    Is he getting better?

  63. Patrick

    I am sorry for whatever caused the depression. Just know that I’m always rooting for you guys!

  64. DarkRockmanFan

    There seens to be a glitch with the RSS.
    It marks the posts as unseen when they were actually seen before by my browser. Reopening the menu seens to fix the problem, but only temporarly.
    It’s not a big problem, but is really annoying to open the RSS and believe there’s new commentaries when there’s none.

  65. Sholeh

    I lik ur stuff thx so much 4 all ur hard work ur the best <3

  66. jaken

    thankyou for no 41 but I was dissapiomted when it ended at the good part so im looking forward to no 42

  67. jaken

    someday I hope megaman exe will regian mainstream popularity maybe some like megaman exe cross fusion academy path goes to netbattling school

  68. jaken

    wtf 75 % u guys r never this fast it usely takes mouths what the f

  69. Allegro

    When will Rockman Stream episode 44 be released?

    • Alan

      Let me point you to this page…

      Granted, I haven’t gotten around to updating the progress bar yet, but it’s only been two days since we released. Patience.

  70. jaken

    u guys have been on fire latly ive never seen u guys move so fast whats your secret

    • Alan

      Bass says “It’s a secret Crunchyroll doesn’t want you to know!”
      Superion says “Lots of lube.”
      And I’m just going to cackle evilly.

  71. Hello guys,

    Thanks for the great subs. I was wondering if I could borrow your scripts for my own project. I want to translate the whole MegaMan/RockMan series in Dutch. Since my Japanese is well… I try to translate from the English subs. I hope you will help me with this project. Of course I will mention you as the original translators/editors etc.. just as you like.

  72. Sparky

    i just had to fill out a captcha to get on the site, what gives?

    • The website uses Cloudflare so it may ask users to clear a CAPTCHA at times.

  73. Theis

    I completely support your endeavors subbing the megaman EXE series. its been too long since these projects have been worked on 😑

    Keep up the good work!

  74. Justin

    Will y’all continue Beast+?

  75. Tim

    Just wanted to say that I appreciate all the work you guys have done on this. I never thought I’d see the day Stream would be subbed, and originally thought that I’d have to take up learning Japanese before I could even consider watching it. (That said, I always have wanted to learn it, just never found the time or money to do so.) I stumbled upon you guys quite by accident maybe a year ago, and seeing all the work you guys have done brightened up my otherwise dull day. Keep up the good work!

  76. Bobby Cameron

    LOL yeah episode 50 is the last episode right your all done yeah okay (sarcasm) you guys left out episode 51 of mega man stream their for you are not done I will be a mad rage acholic if you just end stream with just finishing with episode 50 I mean come on guys finish up

    • Alan

      …Excuse me? The final episode is 51, which we’ve released, and whose post can be found here.
      Nothing in the post for Ep. 50 suggests that that’s the last episode.

  77. I know this is off topic but LOL what ever who do you think is the most annyoing person in the office while making these episodes LOL I was bored please don’t take this comment down I will wait for a funny response LOL

  78. Bobby Cameron

    Any more mega man star force episodes I only see 2 seasons I mean is that it is it all over or is their more to come later?

    • Steven

      Nope, the series only lasted two seasons. It never got another season. It was less popular than EXE. for some odd reason.

  79. Bobby Cameron

    Happy Holidays

  80. Bobby Cameron

    What’s next mega man stream is done now. What?

  81. Bobby Cameron

    Question for the community and the people working on the series who is your favorite mega man charter (name only one) I like Bass

  82. SAito

    where can i find episodes 1 – 25? im fini\ding it xtremely diffucult πŸ™

  83. beedolphin

    I was wondering if you’d be doing the Yugioh Duel Monsters English sub translations… I know it’s a long series 1-224 but it’s one that seems hard to get for a download without having the 4kids verison.

    • sage_ultimo

      There’s no need, as GX_ST actually did quality subs for the full Duel Monsters series. (There’s actually a few people that have done this, I think, but GX_ST is the most well known. They’ve even done like all the other Yu-Gi-Oh series.) I know there’s a torrent with all the episodes floating around somewhere which I used, but I got it off of GX_ST’s old forums which aren’t there anymore. I do remember the one I used in particular was missing the video for episode 123, but I found that rather easily. But, in fact, it looks like GX_ST is actually the process of upgrading their Duel Monsters subs into MKV files with slightly more polish and such. Anyway, here’s the topic on their new forums that has links to all the RAWs and subs.

  84. Malek Abumojeh

    Why i can’t found the Manga page

    • I have yet to add the original contents on the website back ever since I did some back-end changes as keeping the videos and IHP up and running was my main priority.
      Once school slows down a bit (for me) I’ll try and get these things fixed. πŸ™‚

  85. Malek Abumojeh

    Are guys u going to finish Beast + ?

    • Malek Abumojeh

      Sorry I meant to say ” Are you guys “

  86. Jonathan Roman

    When are you guys are going to be done with episodes 10?

  87. Justn

    Is y’all’s depresson that bad, or are y’all just taking this long to sub an episode?

  88. ProtoMan

    How’s Alan?? It’s been some time.

  89. Ibrahem Barakat

    I’ve never imagined i would ever watch these episodes subbed.Thanks for your hardwork guys and i hope all of you is alright…thx alot πŸ™‚

  90. Fauna

    I just discovered this website and it actually brought tears to my eyes to see my favorite childhood anime getting the finishing it deserves. I would wait every year in May for kidswb to bring back Megaman, but they never did. The games kept me going for a while, but i wanted to finish this series. When I finally discovered sub a few years ago, I realized it wasn’t complete and I was heartbroken.. Thank you. Thank you so much! You guys are the best!

  91. Bryan

    I was just wondering. I do have the whole series. But 1/2 my version of axess, all of stream, 1/2 of beast and all of beast+ is not subbed for English. Is there any download links for the SRT files or ASS files. This way I do not have to watch all these shows again just to write everything down?

    • I do have plans to release our ASS files.
      However, I haven’t had the time to clean them up as we used a lot of odd fonts and styling that was meant specifically for our hard encodes.

      Pester me about every once in a while so I don’t forget via email ([email protected])

  92. ProtoMan

    Are we going to see any progress during these months??(Beast +)

  93. Anon

    Anyone still alive and working the project?

    • Currently there are 3 of us, two translators and me.
      However, we’re all busy with school/life (undergrad and grad students) so no real progress can be made until winter break in December.

  94. ThatGuy

    Hello, I wanted to thank you for working on Rockman EXE Stream!

  95. FCR

    greetings πŸ™‚

    I already read that you don’t have a schedule for the release of new episodes.
    But can you estimate when you can release for the next Best+ episode? It’s almost a year since you finished subbing Stream.

    • Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I personally have finals and projects to finish over the next 2 weeks so I’ll try and get the progress rolling right after I finish all of that.

  96. silver

    I have been rewacthing my exe stream collection I seem to be missing 22 your torrents only go to 25 can u help me theres a great shirtless scene of lan takeing a shower its one of my favorites

  97. Robert Jarvis

    is there any link for the english dub for megaman nt warrior and megaman axess torrent ?

  98. Atra

    It’s been quite some time since any updates posted here, just wondering if the project is still alive?

  99. silver krool

    nice to see u guys back from the dead u have been inactive for a few years really looking forward to seeing what u turn out welcome back ihp

  100. Zachary

    I am very grateful that you all are taking your free time to create these subtitles, is there any way I can donate to show my appreciation?

    • Not really necessary given we all contribute to this in our free time and the website costs are (usually) covered with the ad revenue.

  101. Zersiax

    This may be a bit of an odd request, but I’ve recently been wanting to watch the original subbed version of the Rockman anime, partly because I tend to enjoy the originals more and partly because not all of the show was dubbed.
    However, I am fully blind which is a significant hurtle at the moment. I’m super grateful for you guys subbing it all and making it available, but the way you encode the subs (into the video, as opposed to a separate file) renders them unreadable for me. Do you guys happen to have the .srt, .sub, .anything lying around so I can do some forbidden black magic and make them readable for me? TIA πŸ™‚

    • At most, we’d have the subtitles (in .ass format) for the second half of Stream and what we’re working on for Beast+.
      As for other Rockman series/episodes that we didn’t do.
      You’d need someone to use OCR software so they could make a subtitle file for older Rockman episodes as those fansub groups have long since moved on and never released their files.

  102. AwesomeDogJurior

    Are you going to have links to download all the Rockman EXE series including the movie as well? after you finished subbing the rest of the series?

  103. Suzuna18

    Hey, I’ve seen you finally got some time to do some work, which is really great and I hope you can keep it up!
    I redownloaded some of the Stream episodes and realized that the first episode you subbed (Episode 25) is in mp4, is it possible that it will someday be changed into an mkv file? I really prefer to have all my files in the same format and mkv is a good quality.

    • I could redo that episode once finals are over this week. Be sure to remind me (either via reply, email, or discord). πŸ™‚

      • Suzuna18

        Oh, that would be great! I just hope it doesn’t take too much of your time.

  104. AwesomeDogJurior

    When will have all the Rockman series be available for download as a torrent file?

  105. silver

    whats is going on thrers been nothing for so long the note on number 4 says except more soon but that was monuths ago wft did some die and leave a hole in the team

    • Personal life hits hard sometimes. Most of the team is busy with their own things such as school and work or both.
      Although I am a bit at fault as I’ve been sitting on some episodes that are done but nothing past episode 9 so I haven’t been in any rush to push them out.

      I’ll push out those episodes this evening when I have time to prep them (5, 6, and 7).

      • silver

        well your right also right now if everything around u isn’t on fire its like the next ice age is here I’m sure u r doing what u can despite all hell breaking loose everywhere I’m a huge mmbn fan I pray someday it gets a reboot

      • silver

        well your right also right now if everything around u isn’t on fire its like the next ice age is here I’m sure u r doing what u can despite all hell breaking loose everywhere I’m a huge mmbn fan I pray someday it gets a reboot

  106. silver

    thanks so much for the update it felt like forever

  107. silver

    looking forward to 10 I found 8 and 9 done by wpp

  108. AwesomeDogJurior

    To make life alot easy for the people are subbing, there are some subbed episodes of Beast+ from Pukuanime:

    The link is there since 2012 of July 4th, so it will be alot easier for you to skip some episodes that both WPP and Pukuanime that sub some episodes (unless you want to sub them anyway)

    Once you done subbing the entire Rockman series, will you put them into a torrent package, so people can download all at once, rather than having to download every single episode?

    • silver

      thanks for the link but I didn’t find anything I didn’t already have sorry

  109. Sam

    This might sound smartellic but how long until the next beast + episode. Not trying to be mean but I REALLY like beast and beast + series

  110. Perry

    Is this project still alive? It’s been half a year since any reply or update.

    • silver krool

      its like the lights are on but anyone who was here is long gone

  111. silver

    it seems like its been an eternity since we had anything new please tell me u will have something soon

  112. silver krool

    please tell me u guys are still on board there hasn’t been an update for awhile is this a abandond site or is the dream still alive

    • We are still around but we only have our one Japanese translator that helped us do translation checks on Stream but he is busy putting that skill to use in the real world so he doesn’t have much time to help us with Beast+.
      This project won’t be dropped unless we say we dropped it. We just haven’t released anything since we like to release acceptable translations for these episodes.

      • silver krool

        thank god im glad u r still on I was very upset when hi cannon up and quit

        • Just to keep the curious updated, we’ll be trying to do an episode a week (if all goes to plan) but at the very least we plan to at least resume working on finishing this series. πŸ™‚

  113. silver krool

    nice to see u guys back in action

  114. silver krool

    my dream is to see mega man exe return one day perhaps it could follow the story of pacth and megaman jr

  115. silver krool

    when will number 11 be ready

  116. silver krool

    whats going on 11 is late

  117. silver krool

    well it was a nice to weeks but it looks like u guys have ran out of steam again

    • We all have our jobs/education outside of this which we all volunteer our free time to do.
      Currently, our champion of a TLC is busy putting that skill to use in his real job so there is not much we can do unless a new person helps us out.

      Understand that unless we make a statement, we’re still planning on keeping this project active but we will hit road bumps due to how small our team is.

  118. Airod000

    Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job. My boyfriend is over the moon over finding his old favorite series. Thank you very much!

  119. i started watching rockman.exe because i had mmbn6 falzar in my gba sp decided to see the series and am in stream right 2nd episode and its crazy i like the old subtitle look but as long it has the translation am good. i watch the series in hopefully you do good in ur work and school and ur Business
    i do have school myself ok bye xd

  120. A Mega Man Fan

    Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. I know that things have slowed a bit, but knowing that you still aren’t giving up is amazing. Also, just wanted to let you know some of the Beast episodes are saying they don’t exist. I know ep. 3 and 17 gave me trouble. If you have time, could you please fix these. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  121. silver krool

    so when do u guys get done with your break

    • Things should hopefully at least start back up soon.

      • silver krool

        good it seems like u guys haven’t had 5 minutes to do like 1% lately

  122. So is there really no available ass. or srt. files for the rockman series? I have these raws lying around that I cant watch. Do I have no other choice then to watch the subbed tvrips?

  123. silver krool

    so I guess the dream is dead (taps playing) right

  124. silver krool

    I had a dream last night I was checking this site and the inpossible had become real number 11 was avalible but we all know the dream is dead its never coming true

  125. StellaRose

    I think I left a comment before but I don’t remember what username I used, but!! I wanna say, thank you all, for all your hard work! I can totally get that real life has to come before free fan-subbing projects like this, but honestly, I’m amazed at how much your group has managed to do so far! πŸ˜€

    Again, thank you so much for taking time out of your days to translate and sub the rest of the Rockman.EXE episodes like this! Take as much time as you need (again, real life needs and all), and always remember that there are plenty of people who still really appreciate your work so much!!

  126. dexia

    Is it possible to have the stream episodes put back into google drive or somewhere similar? I have the first 24 subbed and had given up all hope anyone would do 25-51 for years until now.

    • Yeah I’m working on hosting solutions. I have shared a more personal host on discord but it’s not complete.

      • Forte Kosakku

        The fact your representing Forte to such an embarrassing extent, both in comment and in rising to the very small expectations of the 40 fans this place has, makes even giving you and this place a mercy killing, a waste of time. Stop giving up peoples hopes and making such a fool of yourself by having episodes sit at 100 percent for over 6 months.

  127. silver krool

    there is a god u guys are back from the dead im glad to see that prodject is back on finaly after all these years I thought the dream was over welcome back u guys

  128. Ben Hartman

    Hi where are episodes 1-24 of stream? I cant seem to find them

  129. silver krool

    well it took a whole decade to do 9 minutes but u did it I only wish the episodes where not so short

  130. Net Denizen

    The Rockman EXE Stream torrents are not available. Could you put together all episodes into a torrent and start to seed it. I love rockman and Stream is interesting to me.

  131. Malek Abumojeh

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to finish subbing the rest of the series since 2014, and now I’m 20 years and u guys still haven’t finished subbing the rest of Beast+.
    The covid19 is keeping everyone inside right now, so why don’t u guys take advantage of it and finish subbing the rest of the series before this virus kills us all ?

  132. Megatwerpy

    MegaMan nt warrior? Why did you choose to dub the series anyways. I’d like to know

  133. Malek

    I keep coming back here from times to times to check on this show’s status and how far you guys have gotten, been with you since I was 14 back in 2014 and now I’m 22 years old, what a ride.

  134. Yaniv Listim

    hey are you guys still out there because if you are I would like to download everything all of you have subbed. this way i can watch it whenever. if you’re there can you tell me how to do that.

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