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Rockman.EXE Stream (Episodes 1-25)
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: BassGNT, Kaillus, Superion, Quintus, Arumakan, Cinivala.

Rockman.EXE Beast+ (Episodes 1-26)

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: ?

Completed Projects

Rockman.EXE Stream (Episodes 26-51)
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Members on this project
: Alan, BassGNT, Kaillus, Superion, Quintus, Arumakan, Cinivala.

24 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Ronnie

    Are you guys gonna do Rockman.EXE Stream episodes 1-24?

    • Alan

      This information can be found on our FAQ.

      Either that or Beast+ 10 after we finish Stream. It depends what the community wants. Stream 1-24 were already subbed, although not well, by Hi-C.

      • Ryuusei

        My thoughts on this question:

        At this point in time, and I can just speak for myself, it has gotten to the point that we finally have a group that is going to be finishing Stream, the story arc of Rockman.EXE that many believed could not be subbed due to a curse that seemed to befall all the groups who have attempted to sub it (FAQ-Corner, Dark Star, Dark-Rebirth, Hi-C, WPP). After Stream, it would probably be the most logical to finish off where Puku left off with Beast+ and get 10-25 of Beast+ completed. Once that is done, the ENTIRE Rockman.EXE series will be completely subbed.

        Once all of Rockman.EXE is subbed, then it would be a good time, if the group so chooses, to go back and re-sub episodes 1-24 of Stream, to improve overall quality. Once that happens, they can then move onto other projects, if they so choose (which I hope they do).

  2. Emmanuel

    GO GO GO!

  3. Shirogane Rekka

    Hey IHP!

    Can you make subbed episodes for the anime Gaist Crusher?

    Here’s the info:
    “Gaist Crusher is an anime series based on the game by’s basically Monster Hunter X Saint Seiya X Megaman!The story follows Rekka Shirogane,an ordinary boy who,in the wrong place in the wrong time,ends up fighting metallic monsters,called Gaist,using super-charged metallic armor known as Gaist Gear”

    Here’s the website for…
    The Game:
    The Anime:

  4. Udrayana R

    Are you guys still subbing for stream ep 42-end :0

    • This is a question for our “Talk to us!” page. Visit the “Talk to us!” page, alternatively look on the “Current Episode Progress” page for the status on every episode. We’re currently stalled as one of our members is going through depression.

    • Alan

      Yes, we have not dropped the project, nor do we have any plans to do so.

  5. re re

    It’s been long time since I last visited this site & I’m very glad it’s still going, even though Bass erased me from Chat Box administration (no objection really 🙂 ).
    Many thanks on your hard work. Now only 6 episodes Stream are remaining.
    About after-Stream, commenting on Ryuusei’s opinion, I don’t think you can call Stream completely subbed with 1-24 crappy subs. I’ll give a little example: That episode of ColdMan (I think ep 15), in the whole episode his name was translated ‘Iceman’, not only ignoring the pronunciation, but also causing cross-match confusion with the original “IceMan” character from .Exe & .Exe Axess, not to mention “ColdMan” has already appeared in Axess (with his name translated right by WPP).
    Of course I’m grateful 1-24 Stream were subbed at all, at least to understand the flow of the episode, but they still need a lot of edition on your side 🙂 .

  6. Kostasr98

    Thank you on your hard work.without you i could not watch my favourite series megaman exe stream.i cant wait until episode 46 are awesome!!!

  7. JackoBotDF

    You guys are awesome!! You are doing an incredible job. Please after you finish this project, begin with Beast +. We all in Megaman community are waiting for these season!!. Thank you very much!!

  8. Oddi

    So are you guys planning on going for stream 1-25 or start on beast+ now? Will it be easier doing stream because they already have been subbed?

  9. Lan

    Thank you guys for doing all episodes of Beast+
    I never got to see Puku’s subs of the first 9 episodes so now I will be able to.
    Keep up the good work and a million thanks!

  10. Tyler

    Can you guys just make one video playlist on Vimeo per season so we can just watch them all that way and don’t have to keep you going back and forth from the website or just one for the entire Rockman.EXE anime sub

  11. Calelith

    Can y’all re-up Rockman.EXE Stream?

    • I could make a batch torrent of our original Stream releases.
      Most were lost when nyaa went down.

      • kim

        It’s an old comment but may I take up on that offer? I have been waiting to watch stream in subs for years, and when I finally came back, a lot of links for the subbed version were dead….

  12. Nuruddin

    AH……….So what are you doing?
    Your resub all stream 1 to 25 after you complete it then
    Unknown people STRAIGHT subbing Beast +?
    So……..why skip Beast?
    Just asking

    • Rockman.EXE Stream 1-25 isn’t planned given that we only have one person that would want to work on the translations for it.
      Rockman.EXE Beast was skipped as this was already subbed by another group years back.

      • Nuruddin

        Is the sub for Beast good?

  13. MMN1F

    So are you gonna finish rockman exe beast + because i LOVE THAT SERIES!

    • In time, we’re all rather busy at the moment so there’s not much progress being made.

  14. Kevin B Dailey

    Please finish Stream 1-24 and put the whole series into a torrent? So I can get all the eps together? I have seen the show completely raw and have been wanting it to be subbed forever.

  15. ZerofanEX

    Time to update this page now lol. No joke you guys are amazing!

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