Rockman.EXE Current Episode Progress (2021)

Note: IHP does not have a regular schedule of releases. We try to work at a reasonable pace and keep the community up-to-date on our progress, but each episode takes at least a few weeks depending on everyone’s availability.

Project is still alive but everyone is just terribly busy.

Episode(s): 22-24
Status: Released


Episode(s): 25-26
Status: Translated, next up Timing & TLC


Updated:ย  October 21, 2021


224 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Current Episode Progress (2021)

  1. Razsa

    T.T i just finished watching episode 34 T.T

    • silver

      whats going on your progress has been absulote zero for awhile now Ive seen you guys works 100% faster when u did stream

      • Lack of time to commit to translation related parts in the process.
        If people want some insight on the progress:

          Most of the episodes have been translated (missing 13-15, 25, and 26).
          Only episodes 1-9 have been TLC’d.

        Hopefully that changes this month as this is when most of us may have some time to volunteer.

  2. Hansie silver

    Happy new year 2015!

  3. RRA

    Sorry I’m late, but Happy New Year to you guys… I’ll wait for next chapter no matter how it takes, since I need to watch episode 38 and next…

    • Alan

      Hopefully not too long. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hansie silver

    Will this episode take long?

  5. Danny

    Please finish episode I just finished ep 37 and I’m restless over the fact that I can’t watch episodes 38-44

    • Alan

      On this page, it says:

      IHP does not have a regular schedule of releases. We try to work at a reasonable pace and keep the community up-to-date on our progress, but each episode takes at least a few weeks depending on everyone’s availability.

      Please be patient.

  6. Hansie silver

    Your not the only onde here thats restless
    We all are :/

  7. A.G.

    …Are you guys finishing this one faster than the last one, or is that just me???
    Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting the next release, thanks for working so hard!

    • Alan

      Well, the last batch was 3x, so it might seem faster. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sticking with us! We aim to please.

  8. Starlight

    i just hope u finished faster just cuz i want watch 38-51 xD. Sorry i just cant wait to watch. I was bored xD. I was skip stream series and watch beast xD cause it was awesoem

  9. Hansie silver

    I refuse to watch beast without seeng stream first. And thanks for working hard on this one ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Still 35% come on just drop the project if it’s to hard that way no one is waiting forever because it’s still in progress

  11. My internet bad so it appeared as 35% but then I refreshed just trying to say taking back the 35% part

    • Alan

      Still, I’m not certain what you’re trying to say, although I resent the implications. What do you think we’re doing here? What makes you think that the project is “to[sic] hard”?

      If we were to drop the project, what would that accomplish? Stream would remain unsubbed, and we’d kill a lot of people’s hopes. Realistically, no one’s going to magically pick up the project just because we dropped it.

  12. This is going extremely slow

  13. I have not tv I’m bored this is the only thing I have to look forward to right now

    • Alan

      I understand your frustration. The team is working to release the episode ASAP; please be patient.

  14. Abraham

    Guys I’m watching megaman EXE cuz i’ve never finished it 10 years ago when i was a child I was surprised to see that megaman EXE hasn’t been subbed entirely yet, guys you’re doing a great project here, people who wants to see megaman EXE including myself are following you, cuz you’re the only group of people that are subbing this anime, Im a huge fan of the megaman saga my favorite is megaman X, I finished watching axess 1 week ago and I really wanna watch stream before beast and beast+, thanks for taking care of this project

  15. Hansie silver

    Beast + isint completely subbed ๐Ÿ™

  16. nooooooooooooo!

  17. Joshua B

    Not to sound rude, but I really wish people would stop bitching about how long each episode takes. Yeah, we get it, they take a little while, but you know what, if you’re a true fan you have waited this long for a good sub, you can wait a while longer, these guys are doing the work, if you don’t like their pace, then news flash, do it your fucking self…sorry, rant over. You guys rock, keep up the great work. Thanks for always uploading multiple ways for us Android peeps! Take Care!

  18. Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!! 90% yes!!!!!!!!!! You’re almost there

  19. Silent-Killer

    Thank you Guyz, thank you very much for subbing the Rockman.exe stream series. I’m a huuuuge fan of Megaman when I was like 7, sorry for my bad English and thank you ever so much for your hard work :).

  20. A.G.

    *Throws confetti* Yay, you’re done!

  21. Abraham

    Is there any way of advertisement? so you guys can get more people to help you? A lot of people doesn’t even know that there is a group trynig to sub the remaining unsubbed episodes of this anime

    Im sorry I just wish the episodes could be delivered sooner, I wish I could help somehow anyways thanks and keep up the good work

  22. Hansie silver

    Hell yeah 100%

  23. Hansie silver

    Thats funny “Andou” means walk in my language ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice job

  24. Abraham

    Episode 39 is on air!!!! You guys rock

  25. Episode 39 progress*

  26. I’ve made an advert on YouTube. follow the link on my name, to take you to my YouTube channel. This is not an advert for my channel, but something to help these great guys out.

  27. A.G.

    I checked yesterday, and you were at fifteen percent. How did you explode to eighty five?? o.o

    • Alan

      Uh, totally not forgetting to update the page.
      Also, when we have time, we’re efficient. The problem is finding the time. >_<

  28. Katz

    Still waiting for stream ep 39. Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. NJC

    Hello ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve just finish watching episode 38 of the eng sub. I can’t wait to see the results of eng sub stream episode 39. ^_^
    Thank you IHP ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. illuminati

    excited for ep 39 ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. NJC

    yes! finally 99%! 1% left to wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hansie silver

    New anime is coming this summer called “god eater” like The game we all know

  33. Great Job you guys

  34. Emmanuel

    I don’t care how long it takes.. just finish this project.
    Keep up the great work, IHP dudes.. I love you all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alan

      We have every intention of doing so.

      • Emmanuel

        I love you guys! XD

  35. AaronIG

    finally 30% cant wait to see the episode:D

  36. Emmanuel

    Do you know guys what episode of rockman.exe where roll and rockman suddenly got surrounded by rose
    picture is here: I just can’t find it. xD Thanks in advance and I am looking forward for Rockman.EXE Stream Episode 44 xD

    • AaronIG

      i think its the stream episode 14

      • Emmanuel

        Thanks man!

    • TribeKing125

      I don’t know exactly what episode it is but I’m pretty sure it’s the episode when aquaman,iceman, and bubble man go to the undernet or whatever it’s called to search for some kind of treasure to revive shademan. Try googling for that episode with that description I gave and see if it tells you. Hoped I helped you a bit.

  37. Emmanuel

    YEAH!!! 50% Good work IHP TEAAAM <3

  38. Lightbiyomon

    :DD 50%

  39. Emmanuel

    90% wooot wooot!

  40. Briter

    Yeah! (>.<) I can't wait to watch it [Gr…90% almost done] \('w')/ ~ Fight ~ Fight ~ I ~ H ~ P ~ !!!

  41. DarkRockmanFan

    Why is it taking so long to do 1% of Quality Check? What’s going on?

  42. A.G.

    Congrats on another episode done!
    Hopefully this will tide everyone over for a while :p

  43. PegasoltaEclair

    You’re doing exceptionally well with these subs, so first off, I want to say thank you, and keep up the good work. However, the latest episode (40) had some obvious translating errors. Here are the hints: “Battle Chip, Circle Gun!” “Shining Browser Crusher!” Hope this helps, so do I hope you will revise the episode quickly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. Tilia

    Thank You So Much~
    thank you for SUB-ing Rockman EXE Stream , I search it but its hard to find
    Anyway keep up the good work for Sub

  45. Darkeclipse8

    Hey IHP. I appreciate all the work you guys do in translating the Japanese episodes and everything. Its a shame that they didn’t release an English dubbed version of Stream.

    One question though. Will you guys release torrents that include all the episodes of stream in the future?

  46. Briter

    Gr!!! I still can’t wait for next episode!!! >.< \
    Do you best [" IHP "]

  47. Akbar

    Hey I just wanted to say we all really appriciate what you are doing

  48. black-ice-sl

    great work, btw my birthday is on the 9th, it would be awesome if it was done by then. either way, you guys are great, keep it up!

  49. Robert Jarvis

    hey i dont care if it is a raw or sub as long as i can still see megaman and lan along with his friends and family kick butt thats all that mattters Jack in megaman Power up!!!!!

    • Malek Abumojeh

      Hey dude it’s still just a cartoon

      • Starlight minun

        Lol it anime not cartoon
        Dont judget me

    • Malek Abumojeh

      Just keep great working and don’t let your guard down

  50. Savvy

    Just watched Episode 40, and can’t wait to see 41.

    Work hard so we can all be proud of what you present here! X3

  51. black-ice-sl

    Alan, i love your work, I hope you know that you have a lot of people behind you, good luck, and get well soon. Thank you Alan, and the rest of IHP. I salute you good sir!

  52. A.G.

    Thanks for doing what you have so far, I really appreciate it, and I’m sure others do to. Keep at it! You guys are awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. Hiroshi Mishima

    While I do hope you feel better – seriously, depression is like a yawning chasm – I’m just glad you’re working on Stream. I thought it was a dead sub for the longest time, and was very happy to discover you’ve been working on it. The last time I checked there was only a couple done period and now we’re already up to 40!

    So again, thank you very much for all the hard work everyone involved has done!

  54. Stevem

    Is it a really bad depression? Best ways to get out of them is to remain positive no matter what, smile even when you don’t need or want to, and cry if you have to get the feelings out. I hope you will get out of depression soon and good job on you and your team subbing this series! ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. zwclose7

    Please continue the project as soon as possible!

  56. XPCGamer

    I’ve pretty much given up on you guys. You simply CAN’T MAKE THIS HAPPEN

    • Alan

      Yes we will. Mental health is no light issue. I’m getting better, but you aren’t helping, I’m sad to say.

      • DarkRockmanFan

        Don’t worry about him, Alan!
        Take your time to recover and don’t let anybody bring you down.
        If anything, you should block those impatient people, especially those who don’t understand how serious depression is…

  57. Leonardo Watanabe Yamamoto

    Please, continue. I love Rockman.Exe Stream.

  58. XPCGamer

    Oh my god. I’m so sorry, I had no clue you were suffering from depression. I just saw that there wasn’t any progress made then I ranted in the comments. I swear I didn’t meant any harm at all. Just good luck Alan.

  59. A.G.

    It looks like you’re feeling better, I hope that that’s actually true!

  60. WannaFantaMan

    SOON*TRADEMARK* xD I love it!!! I hope ur doing ok alan :3

  61. Justin

    I’m glad to see you’re better.

  62. Sharky

    thanks for your support and patience โ€“ Alan

    Don’t sweat it. Dealing with that kind of matters is not an easy thing. We’re glad that you’ve gotten better. ^^

  63. A.G.

    It’s always great when you guys get out a new episode, but given what you went through during this one, I feel like this one was a bigger achievement than normal. Congratulations!
    I hope you continue to be happy, or at least, not the painful sorrow/hollowness that depression loves to dole out.

  64. zwclose7

    finally done…

  65. Taz

    Just found your group after looking into finally downloading the rest of this anime. It’s nice to see a dedicated group still working on such an old show. Keep up the great work! I’ll be looking forward to your future releases.

  66. Paul

    I can’t find this episode anywhere is there a site that has it without downloading it?

    • Alan

      You can watch ep. 41 online here.

      • GEM

        A password is required.

        • Alan

          As you can see above the video, the password is “megaman”.

  67. Justin

    Just ten more episodes of Stream left

  68. drallom

    Hello !
    I may have to wait until next episode (and it is hard TT) but you are the lasts ones doing this so keep it up !
    I can tell you that your nice work is even used in France so i have one thing to say : thanks

  69. Abraham

    Wow 75% already, thats good keep up the good work!!

  70. thil13

    Alan you are the man! Finishing so much translation work as fast as you have in the last couple weeks is awesome

    • Alan

      Aww, that’s sweet. Thanks, but it’s not just me. The rest of the team has been working hard to bring you these episodes. In fact, Quintus has been doing a lot of the initial translations recently.

  71. Hiroshi_Mishima

    Just finished watching Axess and was actually rather disappointed with how the show was handled – the writing, that is. It was so bloated with filler, the ending didn’t have any proper build up, or would only to drop it again. They were just like “oh hey, they won, STAY TUNED” and moved right on into Stream. What a let down.

    So yeah, now I’m even more eager for there to be work on Stream! But no worries, I just want you all to know how much we appreciate the work that IHP is doing on the sub/translation progress. I was so .. I dunno, I felt very “blah” at the end of Axess. I’m hoping that Stream will be better, and now people are actually working on it I feel this is an excellent time to get caught up on the show, ya know?

    Anyways, glad you’re feeling better!

  72. Elesis

    Could you sub Rockman.EXE Beast+ on future?

    • Alan

      That is one of the possibilities. If you read the “About us” page or the FAQ, you would have noted that that is one of our potential future projects.

  73. Swordanspeed

    I’m a bit confused with your progress…??
    the website says: Progress episode 42.
    but your Progress bar says: Progress ep 41.
    can you clarify for me what episode you are now dubbing?
    episode 41 or 42?
    cause the website where i always watch anime, doesn’t have Rockman.EXE Stream ep 41 yet…

    • Alan

      We’re currently working on Ep. 42. I just forgot to update that number, oops.

      The most direct place to get our releases is from this site; it’s the first place that they’re released, and all other sources get it from here.

      (By the way, what we’re doing is “subbing”, short for “subtitling”. “Dubbing” is recording voices for the episode, which we don’t do.)

  74. Justin

    Wow, one uploaded within 48 hrs and already 30%. What’s y’all’s drives: fun, dedication, or something else?

    • Alan

      It’s different for each person; for me, it’s practicing my Chinese and because I really like Rockman.EXE :3

      • TribeKing125

        Isn’t it japanese? Or am I wrong?

        • Alan

          Yes, but there are very good Chinese subs/dubs, which is part of the reason we also look for Chinese translators alongside Japanese translators. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • TribeKing125

            Oh ok

  75. Justin

    Well,… I guess as long as you’re motivated…..

  76. Nurddin

    Question what is “Status: TLC”

    • Alan

      It’s short for “Translation Check”, and it’s where we make sure that the script the translator wrote is an accurate translation.

      • Nurddin

        OK thank you for the replay and good luck to you and your team

  77. Justin

    Question: Do you guys sit back and wait patiently till the next episode is done to start on another one, or do y’all get a head start and begin another one while waiting?

    • Alan

      I’ll just leave this here…

  78. Jerry

    Will you be doing Beast and Beast+ after this (and possibly the rest of starforce that’s undubbed and starforce tribe)?

    • Alan

      Beast has been subbed by Puku Anime.
      We will be finishing out Beast+.
      Ryuusei and Tribe have been subbed by DATS.
      We are a fansub group, not a fandub group.

      Please look on our FAQ for the answers to some of your questions.
      The episodes of Beast and Ryuusei in question can also be found here.

  79. Justin

    I just watch it on Kiss Anime.

  80. Jerry

    Also why does it require a password to watch episodes on this site?

    • Alan

      It ensures that the videos are not mistakenly removed.

  81. Justin

    Actual plot..?

  82. Kimi Terra

    Alan you said after you team finished subbing Rockman EXE Stream, Beast+ will be subbed by you guys as well. So will the time to finish the Translation, Translation Check,Timing, Typesetting, Editing, Quality Check, and Encoding still be as long as how you do for Stream? Or depends on the availability of your team members to finished the job quickly?

    • Alan

      …Yes to both. Potentially a bit slower, because as far as I know there are no Chinese translations for Beast+, so we’d be relying solely on our Japanese translators for initial translations. Although the episodes are shorter, so who knows?

  83. Nurddin

    What QC2 (ps i can see what QC is but what is 2)

    • Tom_Stellar

      Quality Check 2

      • Alan

        The correct answer to this question is that I had updated the categories on the progress indicators to be clearer and more indicative of our actual workflow, but Kaillus got impatient and blindly updated the progress based on our old category titles. *glares*

  84. Hansie

    Hello? Wassup, been absent for almost half a year and I’ve got like7 episodes to watch. Ei Alan I see u are still working hard.A+

  85. DarkRockmanFan


    Wait, what?

  86. Nurddin

    Merry Christmas
    i know you are taking a break
    but can you tell when you are back on it ?

  87. David

    Keep up the great work, I really appreciate the work u guys do here. You bring back the joy that used to be Saturday cartoons. I only wish I knew Chinese or Japanese to help contribute in some way, or a donation page. Thanks a lot!

  88. DarkRockmanFan

    It’s been 10 days since the last update.
    It’s everything alright?

    • Tom_Stellar

      they’re taking a break for the holiday season

      • DarkRockmanFan

        Oh, i see…

        • Alan

          Yes, everything’s alright.
          No, we weren’t taking a break for the holidays.
          No idea where you got that information, but it’s wrong.
          There’s been no progress because I’ve had final exams for the past week.

  89. Justin

    Only five more left.

    Approximate time of finishing – March at earliest, October at lasted.

    • Alan

      You have no idea how angry this makes me.
      Thank you :3
      *cackles evilly*

      • Louie Jul

        OMG! Last 5 episodes! I’m soooooooo excited! After all will be translated, I will watch it from episode 1 again. Hope you will translate Beast and Beast+.. Thank you so much for the hard work..

  90. A.G.

    Thank you so much for the surprise Christmas Present (the newest episode)!
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  91. Nurddin

    Ok Can are you see
    Rockman.EXE Stream โ€“ Episode ??? Status: ???

    Translation: 80%
    Translation Check: 62%
    Timing: 50%
    Typesetting: 50%
    Editing: 50%
    Quality Check: 25%
    Encoding: 0%

  92. Vincent

    I can see that, too, so… Yeah… It’s not only you.
    Hmm… I wonder…

  93. I guess it’s eps 48-51.

  94. DarkRockmanFan

    Is this another secret project?

    • Tom_Stellar

      Seems like they might be trying to release the last few episodes in one fell swoop. I would interpret the 220% to mean that about 2 episodes is ready, while the rest is still in the works

      • Alan

        Aww man, cat’s out of the bag already! :p

        • Tom_Stellar


  95. Justin

    So y’all are working on the last four episodes with two already complete. Is it going to be one hour and a half long video, or four seperate videos?

    • Alan

      Four. :p One video would just be weird.

  96. Richard

    This is going to be epic. I have been waiting for this for over more or less a decade and I cannot wait to see the last four. Thank you everyone in IHP for doing this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Oren

    encoding ?
    That was FAST !
    cant wait (: thank you for the amazing work !

  98. Justin

    I’ve seen it done with Avatar: The Last Airbender series finale on KissAnime.

  99. A.G.

    *Fanfare* Whoo! *Pulls string on confetti cannon* Season finished! Congratulations to all of you, and thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve done! You guys are amazing!
    Also, have a happy new year!

  100. Justin

    Saw last episode. So worth the wait. While y’all finish Beast+ next?

  101. Tom_Stellar

    I imagine retranslating the first half of Stream would go by relatively quick, but this is outside my realm of expertise ^.^’

  102. Codios

    I thought that the first few episodes of beast + had already been subbed, are you guys redoing it or is that a typo of the episode number?

    • Alan

      We’re starting from 1.

  103. ู†ุนูŠู… | naemx

    You are doing a great job and i can’t wait until the Beast+ and Stream and the SoftSubs
    you are one of the good Translators group i have ever seen

    Keep it up and never giving up XD

  104. DarkGreiga

    *ages of absence*
    well, just wow… or maybe just wow isn’t enough! you guys totally rock and thanks for subbing stream till the end! good luck subbing beast+, sorry that I can’t be much of help…
    and… one more thing. is it just me or the earlier episodes of stream become unavailable on the website? my HD got formatted so I wanted to redownload the earlier episodes but… or is it still available somewhere?

  105. Amanz

    So out of curiousity, why did you guys decide to start from scratch on Beast+ rather than just continue from where the previous group left off like you did with Stream?

    • Nurddin

      That simple
      There professional subber
      They don’t do half-baked sub

      (At the same time I think they love Megaman to give it a proper sub)

  106. Oren

    Thanks again for your work

    take your time but … even 1-5% updates from time to time are good to show the project is alive

    but really, that is ok to take your time, i will wait even a month or two ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Oddi

    Take your time, you have done a great job. Don’t rush it.

  108. gfcar

    Keep the good work guys youre awesome

  109. Assassin-nya

    Thank you very much for finishing stream!!! I hope you feel better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Shiro

    I think MegaMan NT Warrior could also need a repolish, there were some episodes in a more bad quality. But that sure can wait after Beast+ and Stream

    • A LOT of episodes were crappy, both the video and the sub quality. But no worries, we’ll soon have all the EXE episodes in DVD quality.

  111. GEM

    Much obliged for uploading the whole Stream season, I hope you cure your depression soon.

  112. Justin

    Look on the bright side; depression doesn’t last forever.

  113. QuintusKing

    Cheer up Alan! And the others too!

  114. i realy want to watch the season final of rockman beast+ please complete soon !

  115. Justin

    That’s a big jump in progress since y’all last updated it.

  116. Zero

    It was a few years ago when I started watching Rockman.exe. I think it was around 2010. I watched the first season, I watched axess then I wanted to watch stream, but there was no sub. Maybe a few episodes, I don’t clearly remember. But what I can clearly recall is how disappointed I was when I couldn’t continue watching, though the Rockman.exe series is not the best anime of all time, I really enjoy it since I’m a huge Megaman fan since I was 6 years old. I wanted to watch the whole series, all of it’s seasons. I thought I had to bury the thought to watch the complete series. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon the fact that stream got completly subbed. I literally marathon watched it. I thought, finally after years I could complete the series. After stream I immediatly devoured Beast. And now, again, I’m at a point to feel disappointed since Beast+ is not fully subbed. I searched for a while but couldn’t find anything further than episode 9. No group that listed Beast+ has shown any activity for a too large amount of time to think that they’re actually still alive. Then I found this Site. And though there are no releases of beast+ yet, there are vitalsigns, proof that there’s one last group left which is still alive and says it’s working on Beast+. As far as I can tell you guys are the only hope left for any Megaman fan like me to finally watch the whole series. It dosn’t matter if it takes another 2 years. Please just don’t drop Beast+. Please stay alive.

  117. anonymous

    Not here to provide more depression to u guys but ,will this organization be this active after all episodes are well subbed/dubbed ?

    And sorry for the name can’t give my real name online

  118. Kimi Terra

    Just where the heck do you people obtained the raw episodes before it was subbed? Does the website have majority of the old times animes? Is it free to view and download by public or you need a premium account to do so? Do you mind sharing them? Because the site that is shared before is no longer available to be viewed.

  119. ProtoMan

    Can you give us a time frame for the rest of the series??I haven’t lost my faith in you but the project looks pretty much dead for months……….

    • School is a time consuming thing. Classes end for me about a week or two into June so expect more activity then.
      A nice amount of the episodes are translated but still require the needed checks for translation errors and editing.

      • ProtoMan

        Thank you very much for the reply!!!! I support you 100%!!!

  120. Colonel

    Is there a place to donate to you guys ?

  121. Justin


  122. BrightChaos

    Hope to see more updates soon! Thanks for all you’ve done!

  123. Justn

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  124. naem | ู†ุนูŠู…



  125. dankMemer

    Depressed for 7 months, Kappa
    The Rockman EXE curse has claimed another fansub group

    • Not entirely, a nice chunk of Beast+ has been translated.
      Remember, this is an entirely volunteer based project so no one is required to devote their time to it.

  126. why you dont speed up and finish it in last year ???

  127. HPlistim

    Is everything alright with you guys? I’m worried. there’s been no updates since April. even the quote of the day hasn’t changed since the begining of the year. is everyone OK over there?

  128. ProtoMan

    Bass, is the team making any progress???

  129. Malek Abumojeh

    Keep going,our last hope……..

  130. Abraham Medina


  131. Justin

    Two words/phrases do not exist to me; ‘impossible’ and ‘give up’. Don’t let was isn’t real overcome you.

  132. Abraham Medina

    Im also worried, there’s been no update since april ๐Ÿ™

  133. ThatOneGuy

    Is Alan alright? I don’t see him as a member in the group anymore and he hasn’t said much since the end of stream. Hope he is alright.

  134. Oddi

    Such a strong project, hope there is still hope left for it. I still believe in you guys, you can do this

  135. naem | ู†ุนูŠู…


  136. naem | ู†ุนูŠู…

    so hope is still on but after beast+ and the rest of stream is done will you guys start in another anime that didn’t get subbed? or just take the rest off

    we are with you guys
    (or atleast i’m with you guys)
    start in something else or stop it’s your choice and i’m with you in both

  137. Nuruddin


  138. Valerius Dover

    Ah, so they’re being done in chunks? That gives me hope. YOU CAN DO THIS GUYS. Everyone give your energy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  139. Tom_Stellar

    How’s everyone doing? I miss the quotes of the day from you guys <3

  140. Dakota

    It would be nice to hear from you guys again, if you get the chance! (even if there aren’t any episodes to release yet) The site feels dead without any activity.

    • Forte Exe

      Hate to burst this obvisouly dead bubble….but beast plus has already been subbed up to episode 9 and available on if you add a flash downloader for yoru browser you can download them all from every series with only a few episodes here and there that you cant. Use a camstudio program then to record ur screen instead. An update for all you people… is almost the last place on earth you can watch every single rockman exe anime series subbed. EXE. Axess . Stream. Beast. Ryuusei no rockman and its second season of tribe are all already fully completed and available. BEAST PLUS is the only one left to be completed. So far ive only seen up to episode 9 subbed. PEOPLE! Get it NOW! NOW NOW! while you can and back that up for life because as you might be aware, the world governments are erasing and hacking and arresting people and their servers and torrent sites and more. Rockman anime is among the hardest to find. And is quickly dying. ALL TORRENTS are basically dead expect stream but thats just because its just gotten finished recently but already the seeds on those files are dying. One last time ….. this site is your best bet to get them all in one place. Its a bit tedious to download one at a time with a flash downloader but get it NOW.

      • Haha, if it ever comes to it I can add all of these episodes to some anime torrent websites.
        Everything I uploaded on the side I have on two separate HDDs as backups.

        • Tom_Stellar

          oooooohhh, if I understand correctly, you have all the subbed stuff that IHP made? how much does that include exactly?

          • We only ever did Rockman.EXE Stream 26-51 and soon all of Beast+.
            I have the other series that were done by WPP, De Puku, and DATS.

  141. Dakota

    Appreciate you guys adding a “being worked on as of (12/20/2016)” to the episode progress bar! Helps let us know you guys are still alive. Keep up the good work and hope each and every person working on this is having a wonderful holiday season!

  142. Abraham

    Are you guys still alive?

    • Yep just incredibly busy

  143. ู†ุนูŠู… | Naemx

    Don’t Rush It,
    Most Of The Time Its Not the Quantity That Matters
    Its the Quality
    We Appreciate What You Are Doing
    Keep up the good work
    Keep It Up And Never Give Up

  144. QuintusKing

    Dropping my greetings here!

    I miss those days when we worked together ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

    Let me know if you need help.

  145. Daniel Moravia

    Almost one year, these guys are even trying?

  146. they gave up, might aswell forget this.

    thanks for nothing

    • Learn to have patience with things like this. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Our translators and new members have just barely found the time to start on this again for the summer.

  147. Animaster Collector

    To those hoping for Beast+….you might want to train yourself with more patience…
    imo though, Beast + is not needed because it is in away, non-canon. There is some sort of continuity that it gives after Beast, but I think the last episode of Beast offers that much closure to the series already.

    Then again, it would be nice to see everything get subbed…but the subbers have lives…real lives. And so do we…

  148. Yoshi

    It’s nice to see that people are finally going to translate the rest of beast plus. ๐Ÿ˜€

  149. ู†ุนูŠู… | Naemx

    Thank you
    I have never have a doubt about you guys
    Keep the good work
    everyone who loves this series thank you (at least i am) xD
    Good Luck

  150. ู†ุนูŠู… | Naemx

    Episode 2 Thank you
    thank you for at least trying to make it a weekly thing
    Good Luck

  151. dawid

    When is episode 10 of beast plus coming out?

    • We’re all busy with our personal things at the moment so not much progress is being made.
      Although our translations for a few post-9 episodes of Beast+ are done we just need to find the time to work on everything else.

  152. Nuruddin

    I kinda forget about this site. After youtube reconmend to re-watch Rockman Stream song I remind this site
    I fucking CRYING right now cuz I got Cardcaptor sakura to watch AND THIS
    (Crying in a corner TTvTT)

  153. silver alexander krool

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of beast plus but this will mean sadly there will be nothing new to see I hope the series returns someday it would be like the second coming to see battle network given a new shot the gba is no longer mainstream a battle network for 3ds could make use of a lot of new thec also the pet toy could interface with the 3ds game some how also u could trade chips via street pass

  154. Xyches

    Have you guys dropped the Beast+ series?

  155. JOemar


  156. Hannah

    I noticed the Stream episode progress disappeared, is that something you guys are no longer planning to do?
    Is there anywhere we can download the scripts for the episodes up to whenever you guys started; I think I only found up to episode 8 for those

    • I personally removed it as there is no one actively working on it.
      While it is something we still have set aside as a project we are mostly focused on working on finishing the Beast+ series.

      As for the scripts, we only have the episodes of Stream we worked on originally, those being 25-51.
      These files have been given to foreign sub groups that personally requested them but otherwise haven’t released them publicly due to lack of interest.
      You can find subs done by [HI-C] but those were very basic translations done by one person a long time ago.

  157. Malek

    So are you guys dead???,man I’ve been waiting for Beast + Since 2014

    • Just terribly busy for the most part as our translator is busy with real life work and I myself had a lot of exams and projects to work on.

  158. Mega Man Star Force, … marking the first time a Mega Man anime has not been on the air in Japan since the six-month hiatus between Rockman EXE and Rockman EXE …

  159. Esteban Lora

    Oh wow! You guys are at translating 19+ meaning you are almost finished!! You can probably finish early 2020!! Keep up the good work guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s mostly the translation checks and editing for grammar that have always slowed us down along with my current work schedule not leaving me much free time to time but the next few episodes are more or less ready so expect them this weekend.

  160. Rodrigo

    Do u need some help to finish the translations? I know some people in Japan that can help.

  161. Yaniv Listim

    what exactly does translation missing mean?

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