About Us

Irregular Hunter Productions, or IHP for short, is a fansubbing group formed in September 2013. Our main focus currently is fansubbing Rockman.EXE Beast+.

We will prepare a set of our releases in a softsub format after all episodes of a season have been released.

Affliated with megamanonline.org.

We’re always looking for new team members. If you’d like to help out please visit our Recruitment page.

The Team

BassGNT/Bass: “nya”
Gender: —-
Job: Timer, Typesetter (Karaoke/Other), Encoder, Distribution

Kaillus/Kail: “ケールはネーム, スピードのはゲーム!”
Gender: men
Job: Translator, Typesetter (Main)

Gender: [gay-seal.jpg]
Job: Translator, Editor, QC

Superion: “Helpimtrappedinasubtitlefactory”
Gender: Hungarian
Job: Translator, TLC

QuintusKing: “哎喲,不錯哦。”
Job: Translator

Job: Translator, TLC

Job: Translator

Past Members
Tsukumo Yuma
Nightcore.EXE (Translator)
Cerobi (Translator, TLC)
DrEric (Translator)

18 thoughts on “About Us

  1. hannah

    After you finish Stream, would you go back and do the beginning episodes that hicannon left unedited? Their scripts are no longer on their website so I can’t access the older episodes of stream any more

    • Alan

      We have plans to go back over HI-C’s scripts for the first half. We were planning on doing it while translating the later episodes, but the people assigned to it have been busy. (All of us have; that’s why progress has been slow.)

  2. xyroman exe

    I love u guys someone had to leave off where hi c stopep can u guys do the non us aired non eng episodes of axess like maylus frist date and so on I would really like that Im a huge megaman fan

    • Axess has been fully translated and subbed for a while now by WolfPackProductions.

  3. The Eternal Spirit

    What are your plans after stream?

    • Alan

      We’re hoping to redo the subs for the first half, release a batch, and then finish up Beast+.

  4. Henry

    Thanks a lot for the work on the Stream season. Do you need funding in anyway? Not rich but its all i can do. I really need these since i finished the manga

  5. Feng

    It’s been years since I lasted watched megaman and I think it’s amazing that Megaman Stream is being translated <3. I can't wait for the translated episodes.

  6. Thanks so much for translating Stream. Fav anime ever!

  7. Jason

    I think you, wolfpack productions, and pukuanime should collaborate. Does thatshould a good idea to you guys?

    • Alan

      WPP was collaborating with Puku Anime for Beast+. However, as far as I know, both of those groups are pretty much dead.

  8. Valerius Dover

    What exactly is the extent of the issues with the subs from Episodes 1-24?

    • Alan

      The quality of the translation is lacking. Some phrases are expressed in an awkward manner, and some names and places have not been translated at all.

  9. Scissorsman

    Hi there! I love your work!
    Are you going to translate Beast and Beast+ after Stream?

    • Alan

      Beast has already been subbed by WPP; a link to the torrent file can be found here.

      After Stream, depending on what the community wants, we may work on the earlier episodes of Stream to improve the translations, or start work on Beast+ from Episode 10.

      This information can be found on our FAQ.

  10. Ni

    “Gender: Hungarian”

    I love you guys already.

  11. Rockmanfan

    Is beast+ still being subbed?Stopped at 10

    • Yes! There are currently two translators going through the process of slowly translating all the episodes.
      We’re planning on releasing our own translations starting from episode 1.
      A majority of them are translated however I haven’t had much time to work on the subtitles themselves and the usual translation checks still need to be made at some point.

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