6 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Beast+ – Episodes 25 & 26 END!

  1. Andre

    Thanks so much for all your effort all those years guys! You’re the best! Really, really appreciated! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  2. GigaSlash

    This is the best!
    To all IHP team : THANK YOU!

  3. Yaniv Listim


  4. YAY!!!!!!! Thank you guys for doing this MASSIVE project of not only subbing the later half of Stream and all of Beast+, but for also taking the time to go back and re-subbing the first 26 episodes of Stream for the sake of consistency. Really looking forward to watching the entire anime from start to finish once you guys are all done.

  5. Warrof

    Man, I was just thinking about starting my kids on this series…. So happy to see you guys have kept up with it for so long!

  6. MultiKoopa

    my god… it’s finally over…. thank you so much!

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