8 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Beast+ 03 v2

  1. Anonymous Fan

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

  2. Hannah

    Hooray new episode! Thank you so much 🙂
    Btw can you upload the script by any chance? The font is showing up weird on my computer

    • Yep, that was totally my fault. Forgot the newer scripts were lacking fonts being correctly attached.
      Check out the new download links, I added a download link for the updated script file.

  3. Thanks guys!

  4. Warrof


  5. Swedra

    Do you not make a post for each released episode? You say three are released, but here (http://anime.megamanonline.org/index.php/subs-rockman-exe-beast-plus) there are (at the time of writing) 9 subbed episodes already (it seems like), are these not made by you, or are they rough drafts etc?

    • Swedra

      EDIT: I saw now that those subs are not made by you, and I recall someone saying there was almost like a curse with all the translation teams making them unable to finish subbing, so I assume “Wolf Pack Productions” are a defunct group of that kind and that Episode 9 is as far as they got?

      That and that you of the IHP want to make a subbing effort that ends in a high quality product (both in terms of the video quality and the translation itself), and becoming the main or “official” go-to for these subs, so one does not have to piece together a whole season here and there, am I correct?

      • Swedra

        *Facepalm* (I wish it was possible to edit ones posts.)

        I kind of found my answer in other posts and comments and it seems I was correct: There are already some subs (of varying quality), but they are not made by you (and those groups are defunct), and you strive to release a “streamlined” translation, made by the same team, with the same high quality of translation and relative video quality in all of them.

        Now I got it, right? :3

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