10 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Beast+ 02 – OMG Beast Out Rockman

  1. نعيم | Naemx

    Thank You Very Much for Your Efforts xD

  2. Megaman Fan

    Thx a lot!,I’m looking foward for the next episode!

  3. Thanks guys!

  4. Powerup

    It’s super nice to see some activity on here again !! Thanks a lot for your hard work guys, and good luck for the future o/

  5. Hannah

    Thanks so much!
    Btw the script link is no longer working, is that intentional?

    • Nope, I actually completely forgot to upload that.
      Should be there now.

  6. jerome674

    Nice !

    script is on error, it’s not an ass file 🙁

  7. Shiro

    I’m having issues watching this Video. It just won’t load properly or even cancel so i can’t watch it. 8( makes me sad, please re-upload it again, but not again in mixtape.moe, it seems to have network issues for me.

  8. It looks like the final exe series will be translated. This buys you humans more time…..

    I have fan fictions and chiptunes for the Rockman Otaku. A visit to the soundcloud and the links are below the description.

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