9 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Beast+ 02 – OMG Beast Out Rockman

  1. نعيم | Naemx

    Thank You Very Much for Your Efforts xD

  2. Megaman Fan

    Thx a lot!,I’m looking foward for the next episode!

  3. Thanks guys!

  4. Powerup

    It’s super nice to see some activity on here again !! Thanks a lot for your hard work guys, and good luck for the future o/

  5. Hannah

    Thanks so much!
    Btw the script link is no longer working, is that intentional?

    • Nope, I actually completely forgot to upload that.
      Should be there now.

  6. jerome674

    Nice !

    script is on error, it’s not an ass file 🙁

  7. Shiro

    I’m having issues watching this Video. It just won’t load properly or even cancel so i can’t watch it. 8( makes me sad, please re-upload it again, but not again in mixtape.moe, it seems to have network issues for me.

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