Stream, a postmortem.

Well, it’s done. After 10 long years, every single episode of Stream has been subbed in English.

It’s a weird feeling, knowing that we’ve achieved this monumental accomplishment.

Where does IHP go from here? Our wonderful Japanese translators will start work on Beast+, while I continue work on the early episodes of Stream, working to improve Hi-C’s subs.

Thanks for all the support everyone’s shown us over the last two+ years. It’s been one heck of a ride, and I’m looking forward to all that the future holds.

39 thoughts on “Stream, a postmortem.

  1. holy

    Are you guys doing Best + from the beginning or from where WPP_De_Puku ended?.

    • DarkonFullPower

      From the look of the progress bar, they’re starting from Ep 1.

  2. Morkez

    Whoa. I go on a trip to Israel and you guys finish the final episodes in one fell swoop. O_O

    All I can really say is congrats! Great work! I’ll be catching up on the end as soon as I get home, I’ve got quite a list of things to watch. And maybe I’ll give you guys the appropriate congrats you deserve on Skype as well…well, Alan anyway since I don’t have that many others in my contacts. ^^;

    Although…I think the first part of Beast+ was actually subbed pretty well…

  3. Congratulations for a job well done, IHP! I can finally move on to beast, and sooner, beast+. I think I’m gonna rewatch the whole of Stream after you finish the first episodes.

  4. Yousif

    Thanks a lot for the fantastic job you’ve done… I was wondering where I can find the first 25 episodes?

    • you can find the first 25 episodes at
      I watch anime series there

  5. re re

    First it’s been a very nice surprise you finished Stream ,big thanks 🙂 . Second working on both Beast+ & 1st half Stream simultaneously is satisfying to both Stream-revision supporters & Beast+ missing guys. This is very nice of you 🙂 .

  6. MiGSolid

    Working on the 1-24 episode of stream should be easy since you got at least half of the work cut out (or less if they weren’t really that good for you). Good luck anyways and Thanks for everything you guys have done so far

  7. Whatcombmyhair

    Thank you so much I have been loving being able to actually watch these episodes. =]

  8. ryukusu

    thank you very much for translating the “Stream” series! I think this is the most accurate and polished translation comparing others. And I’m very happy that it was translated even after 10 years! ^_^

  9. rockmax

    Thank you guys so much for all your hard work!!!! Can’t wait for the rest of Beast +. It really has been a long time. 🙂

  10. Nuruddin

    Thank for the Rockman stream guys
    But now I’m sad because I don’t like beast much
    And at the time because steam has ended

  11. Vincent

    Starting Beast + over, eh? Fair enough, since there were just about 9 episodes translated.
    And Stream from episode 1 is a nice Idea.

    Looking forward to those! Keep up the Awesome work, guys!

  12. Tony

    As someone who only recently stumble onto this site just a few months ago, I have only one thing to say:
    Thank you to all that were involve in making this possible.
    Keep up the great work (don’t overburden yourself with working on both beast+ and early steam episodes)

  13. Seiya

    thank you so much for working so hard on subbing this amazing anime! I really appreciated !




  15. Swallow_Skyla

    You guys should start subbing Beast+ from Episode 10. Episodes 1-9 subbed by WPP can currently be watched and downloaded on Kiss Anime’s website. I just did that a few minutes ago, see:
    Also, congrats on finishing Stream. I’ve been waiting for Axess and Stream subs since I was playing Battle Network 6 waaay back in like 2008, haha. You guys will go down in history as the group that finally conquered the Rockman.EXE English Sub curse! 🙂

    • We know, but our translators and myself prefer a fresh start on Beast+ for several reasons.
      Mine being a dislike of the style of timing that was done on those episodes; it irks me. 😛

  16. Kyle

    I’m so grateful to you guys for finishing this. I been following this sight since ’11 and it’s amazing to see the progression and all the hard work you guys put in under your volition! Major Props!!

  17. MegaXz

    I love you guys

  18. Nurddin

    Hey guys
    Now good is it on Rockman Beast sub
    Is the sub bad or good?
    Plz help

  19. Rikari

    Thank you so much, IHP staff.

  20. Leonardo Watanabe

    Thank you for everything.
    Your work helped me a lot, since I`m a Rockman fan.

  21. I can’t believe it’s finally finished. You guys are the best. Endless kudos

  22. Sbdy

    You have freaking done it, grats an thanks!

    Will Beast+, being a fresh project of yours, be in softsub and encoded from DVDISOs and all?

    Thanks, and good luck!

  23. Joshua Buchman

    Do you guys have any way of uploading to MediaFire, those are the only links that seem to work and episode 29 is the last one done on there

  24. may you complete rockman exe best+ soon please i can’t wait for next ep now !

    • Progress is being made albeit a bit slower than usual. Currently some of our members are working on translations so progress is being made across the entire series as a whole.

  25. Doolox

    Thanks so much for finishing the show! it’s awesome to finally see every episode in English sub! you guys rock!

  26. Marine

    I really do hate asking this sort of thing here, but do you guys have any idea where I can download th efirst 25 episodes of Stream? I’m eagerly awaiting your own release and will definitely rewatch when they come out, It’s just I’ve been waiting for Stream for so long I kinda like have to watch it now haha. But I can’t find any download links or torrents for the first 25 episodes.

    • Alan

      That’s because they, uh, don’t exist. >.>
      The only subs for 1-25 so far are of such bad quality that we’re not going to be releasing them until we’ve subbed them ourselves.

    • Exor

      Well, it is possible to download video’s from vimeo using the ‘alternate method’ (inspecting element, search ‘mp4’, right click, save as video). However, the quality of these downloaded videos is not nearly as good as of this fansub.

      /nostalgic memories 🙂

  27. Exor

    Thanks for your work

  28. Next

    Thanks a lot to the Admin and the translators who upload most of Rockman EXE. I really love this series.

  29. JackoBotDF

    When will Beast+ be released?

  30. Saivyn

    IHP, thanks for your awesome and hard work! Thanks to you, I can watch my favourite anime. I can’t wait at Beast+, but patience is everything 🙂

  31. Emmanuelf06

    Thank you very much! I never understood the story in Stream with the japanese DVD, i have checked the french fansub but i needed your versions to finish to see all the episodes, thaaaanks again!
    The story of stream is really cool, Shademan EXE has won for a moment xD
    Awesome anime!

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