16 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 46 – Cross Dressing Gauss?!

  1. WannaFantaMan

    w00t w00t!!!

  2. “Bye bye.”

  3. Morkez

    Great job! But you might have forgotten to set the progress bar for the next episode.

    • We just barely released this one last night. ;__;

  4. Vincent

    Plot? What is it? Wait…
    OH! YEAH! The plot! The main story! Yeah, good to have it back!


    But seriously, thanks for another fine release, guys! Just 5 to go!

  5. Cloudqw


  6. MeE

    Thank you guys. Really, thank you.

    Please keep up the good work and falter not, I am fine as long as the entirety of this project comes to a close before the end of time, which I am sure you guys will manage to pull off.

    Thanks again, and good luck!

  7. Ryuusei

    *standing ovation*

  8. Maria Victoria

    Thank you for this new episode. My sister and me are very happy. We hope you upload the Beast + season soon. Your job is amazing!

  9. Mary White

    Great fansub! Will you release Beast Plus?

    • Alan

      Thanks for your supportive comments, though there’s no need to make three separate comments >.< Yes, we will be working on Beast+ after we finish Stream. This information is also on our FAQ.

  10. MiGSolid

    Have you folks started discussing whether or not you’ll be redoing EP 1-24 of Stream? I haven’t really watched stream at all though. So if not I can take on Hi-C’s work.

  11. GigaSlash


  12. I hope you guys also fix the first episodes of Stream. Those subs are terrible (or I’m just not used to seeing the names).

    Keep up the good work! I hope you finish the season soon, so I can move on to Beast, and sooner, Beast+.

  13. GigaSlash

    Thanks for Stream Ep 46 !!!!!

  14. anerwoo

    My sister and me are very happy. We hope you upload the Beast + season soon. Your job is amazing! Where is this information?

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