11 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 44 – FANSERVICE! :D

  1. WannaFantaMan

    IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYWAYS, thanks for all the hard work you guys have been doing!!!

  2. MiG

    7 More episodes to go!

  3. holy

    Getting close indeed, thanks.

  4. Rikari

    Well this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning. I’m glad you guys seem to be kicking it into overdrive. I hope the motivation and free time last until after you guys finish stream! You’ve all been doing a wonderful job so far!

  5. Vincent

    Fanservice, eh? Me Gusta, lol.

    After an almost 1 week without Internet, I’m glad to see it’s done! Downloading (Via torrent so I can seed it back). Keep ’em coming, people! Thank you!

  6. GigaSlash


  7. Udrayana R

    Where can i watch this?

    • DarkRockmanFan

      Click on “Watch Online” link below the picture.

  8. MotionTranz4mer

    A little weird, since they’re mostly pre-teens, and Dr Hikari getting that shot of Meiru’s butt was double creepy. But still, I guess kids anime are no exception to the unwritten rule that most anime must have a beach episode.

  9. Leandro

    “We’re here to work.”

    Somehow that line didn’t stop being funny as many times as it was said the entire episode. It was such a deadpan statement, it had me in stitches every single time!

    Well done!

  10. Robert Jarvis

    im just wondering why the summer camp ep was a fetish ep like i didnt expect japan to do that type of stuff but still its only for training

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