9 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 43 – Secret… Ninja Man!

  1. holy


  2. Whooo

    Yeah!! Thank you for subbing!!!

  3. Vincent

    Impossible? Don’t you mean… IMPOSSIBRU!!!
    Anyways, Thank you guys for this (rather fast) release! Keep it up! Just 8 more episodes left to go!

  4. Ryuusei

    Agreeing with Vincent on this one.

    This was a VERY fast release.

    Well done!

  5. WannaFantaMan

    Poooooooooooooooooooooor Miyabi. The world just REALLY wants you to team up with Netto xD. ALSO, how is it that Dingo always seems to out do himself when it comes to getting lost??? I love the fact that Netto was basically being his super kawaii curry loving dork the entire time when Miyabi went into the Mah-haichiban after getting blown away by Yuriko, HE’S JUST SO GLOMPABLE!!!!! x3

  6. GigaSlash

    Many thanks!

  7. ForteSP

    Thanks for the subs, keep up the good work. When Stream will be done, I think you guys should finish subs Beast +, this way, every episode of this awesome anime will be translate, and then, if you guys still want to do this, remake Stream 1-24 with a better translation. Well that’s my opinion. After WPP gone, I never thought someone else, someday would continue to subs. Many thanks, this is so great.

  8. Marche

    Thanks for all of your efforts.

    I’m actually missing episodes 2 to 24 because of a hard drive failure.

    Can you link me to where I can download them?

    Thank you

    • Alan

      The scripts can be found here, as far as I know.

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