23 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 40 – Men’s Restroom… OF DOOM!

  1. Naobel

    Thank you so much! You guys really don’t need to apologise for delays; we’re all just so grateful for your hard work. I can’t wait until this episode is finished downloading; I’ve been excited about his one for a while. Thank you for your time and effort, really. You’re all so awesome. Wishing you a pleasant rest of the day and more~

  2. 15:37 to 20:04 of the episode: play Live & Learn in the background, twice the hype

  3. Huan

    Will you sub Rockman Beast+ after completing this project?

    • Alan

      You can find the answer to that on our FAQ. “Probably.”

  4. cellotherapy

    Thanks so much for all the work you guys do! I’m so exited for this episode!

  5. holy


  6. DarkMastero

    Thanks a million.

  7. VĐC

    I can’t wait for the next episode, hurry up please 😀

  8. Jarryd

    Havnt even watched yet and I’m super happy!
    Your work never goes unappreciated! I’d be lying if I said the wait time didnt kill me, but your the only people committed to actually subbing this stuff and keeping it available, so I’m thankful all the same.

  9. Cloudqw

    so funny xD

    thx for your good work!!!

  10. Omega

    Don’t care about who telling you are too slow! I always love your works!

  11. Powerup

    Yet another piece of wonderful work, we’ll never be able to thank you enough ! Don’t worry about the delays, it only makes us enjoy each episode more ^^ Looking forward to the next release, and thanks again for everyone’s hard work in the team !

  12. Ratazana Minnie

    Thanks. I won’t say I’m up-to-date in watching this, but I’ll get to it, specially if it’s finally finished.

  13. WannaFantaMan

    Sooooooooooo many “WTF” moments in such an intense episode…ME GUTSA!!! xD

  14. Jarryd

    Oooooh boy am I hype for next episode.

  15. PegasoltaEclair

    I do hope you reply if I post this again: this episode had some obvious translating errors: “Battle Chip, Circle Gun!” “Shining Browser Crusher!” Hope this helps, so do I hope you will revise the episode quickly.

    • They have already been marked down (namely ‘Circle Gun’) but we will not be releasing any sort of v2 as our releases are currently hard encoded subtitles.

      However, this and any previous mistakes will be corrected in the script files themselves for when we release them publicly.

  16. Mikasure

    I’m looking for this subbed Anime, and come across this website, when you’re releasing this chapter. I’m very happy. Finally, someone do it. Good work. No matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for every episode. Stream, this season is very fun and excite, especially the fighting scene! Thank you very much!! ^o^b

  17. pedro

    amazing,thank you for the work you all are doing.

  18. jaymee

    is there any under episode 25?

  19. Cloudqw

    we are still waiting!!!


  20. Wow, I decide to watch it years later and the show is not completely subbed yet. Of course my unfortunate self now has to wait for subs, and the next episode is delayed due to depression, ouch. You guys have a responsibility, good luck!

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