14 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 30 – Who are you calling an old lady?!

  1. Morkez

    Well, I’m happy that at least the completely unfunny April Fools’ joke is over. Now, to watch Tesla make a fool of herself!

    • Alan

      Who are you calling completely unfunny? 🙁

  2. Joshua Buchman

    It won’t let me direct download like it did the others…

  3. Morkez

    Alan, despite your successful ability to display the episode itself for being being sheer hilarity that it is/was, the prank you made surrounding it was…well, let’s just say that I pulled off a better prank mostly by not talking. (True story.)

    • Alan

      Hey, I don’t care whether people knew that there was going to be supplies or not. 🙂

  4. Morkez

    And for some reason, it set this up as its comment when I clicked “reply”…

  5. ~Dakota

    Personally the April Fool’s joke didn’t bother me much at all. I do kinda wish you could’ve had the actual episode done around the same time too, but least it didn’t take too much longer to get it.

    Anyways, patiently waiting for the next episode but I am OH SO PSYCHED for it. The past few episodes have been fun and had some nice moments (like Meiru finally learning to Cross-Fuse) but I am so ready for much more important episodes like the next to be done. 😀

    • Alan

      We were supposed to have it prepared for release on April 1 so that we could release it first thing April 2, but issues arose and I didn’t get a chance to run it through final Quality Check before release…and it shows.

    • Alan

      But anyways, there’s ACTUAL PLOT PROGRESSION in the next two episodes. Then there’s two FOUR episodes worth of filler, but then there’s more exciting plot! …for one episode. -_-

  6. ~Dakota

    I figured something like that was the case. It still worked out fairly well nonetheless, and you can always release a finalized version later.

    Really looking forward to that, as well as seeing some more game characters like Barrel. I really like the EXE anime but how much filler it has at times can be annoying. -_- Least some of it is fun, or still has something of importance happening.

    • Alan

      Reveal ALL the crests!

  7. Likeaboss23

    Hey, thanks for the episode 😀 Thanks for all your hard work!!

  8. Joshua Buchman

    I am really sorry, but the link you guys have for downloading and the one I asked for in the comments, neither worked, the only one that seems to work is the MediaFire ones

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