7 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 28 – Pink!

  1. Sebastian Zeballos

    where is the donate button on this thing! i love you guys!

  2. Narcy: Pink~!
    Anyway, thank you guys!

  3. DarkonFullPower

    LOL! You uploaded right as I was approaching 27! Epic timing guys!

  4. Litintha

    You guys are making amazing progress. Keep it up!

  5. Ben

    On a snow day off from school.
    I’m watching more than white today!~


  6. WannaFantaMan

    HURRAY FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!! *goes into a yaoi fanboy nerdgasm as another episode means for material for my Rockman.EXE OC to have sweet sexy moment to share with Netto (it’s kinda scary how much i shop Netto and my OC) and a normal anime/manga/JRPG type nerdgasm*

  7. WannaFantaMan

    Poor Rush, I bet it feels like he’s being sexually abused when he’s used for cross fusion xD.

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