12 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 27 – Check it out!

  1. Steven

    Torrent seems to be dead and not getting any peers or downloading. 🙁

    • I was getting some really bad noise on my modem earlier, but it seems fine now.

  2. Steven

    Ok, I decided to watch it online. Hopefully someone will be able to download it.

    • There is the Dropbox download for that reason. I’ll have an online version soon.

  3. WannaFantaMan

    HURRAY FOR EPISODE 27!!! *starts to cry tears of joy*

  4. the DDL link is not working now.

  5. Steven

    I think you misunderstood me. I saw it online eariler on Gogoanime.com. I think they downloaded your sub episode and uploaded to their site without you knowing.

    • I’m aware (there are many other sites that do the same) but they butcher the quality of the uploads and I meant to say it was for the purpose of letting people download it that are having issues with the torrent.

  6. Emma

    YAY! Stream 27! I can’t wait until you get to Stream 36-49!

  7. Ian

    I’d rather say it’s not that bad if they uploaded the episodes in gogoanime, since you’re making the sub free to watch and it could also help the distribution of Rockman.exe series

  8. Steven

    Yeah you’re right they do lessen the quality of the video. I was just so hype to see it so I didn’t care about the quality and couldn’t wait on direct download because it takes a little longer. I hope this doesn’t bother you, but how’s the progress on the next episode?

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