Rockman.EXE Stream 26 v2 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, from all of us at IHP! 😀

2014 is going to be a bright year, and we promise that we’ll keep making content for you guys! As our present to you, and to kick off the new year, we have Rockman.EXE Stream 26! Enjoy!

Here’s Stream 26 v2 due to some issues with timing and incorrect frame rate.Episode-26-Titlev2

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3 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 26 v2 – Happy New Year!

  1. WannaFantaMan

    HURRAY!!! This has to be the greatest unintentional Christmas/New Years present IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!!! *starts to download the episode so I can have a general nerdgasm and a yaoi fan boy nerdgasm xD*

  2. WannaFantaMan

    After watching that episode I’ve determined that Laika and Pride are lovey dovey for each other :3

  3. ~Dakota

    YES A NEW EPISODE! So glad you guys are still hard at work! Even if it is slow-going just please keep it up so we can get the whole series done. I’ve been trying to spread the word around about you guys so hopefully so new people to help will end up coming from it. (I’d gladly help but sadly about all I could do is look for typos or something) I do have a friend that is finishing up subbing another series that may be able to help, that might be interested, but I’m not for sure yet and it’d be a bit longer before he’d probably help sadly. X3 Fingers crossed I can convince him though!

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