19 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Stream 25 – Womanly drama

  1. Emma

    Hey, I saw that you guys English subbed episode 25 of Stream! Well, that’s awesome! I-personally-love Stream, and I was wondering if you were going to continue and English sub the rest of Stream, or just stop at episode 25? Let me know!

    • It’s a slow process (only one translator afaik) but they’re working on it. 🙂

      • Emma

        YES!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!

  2. supersaiya120

    Thanks a lot for your effort. I was very disappointed that WPP gave up this project after such a long time. When seeing you guys actually sub this episode, I jumped in joy. Hope you guys can continue despite any hardship.

  3. Reme

    How long do you think it will take for you to put the other episodes subbed online? I’m just wondering because I like this show a whole lot.

    • Our translator is currently doing his best to translate Stream 26. It will be a while longer before he finishes his work, so please bare with us. Thank you for watching!

  4. Reme

    I hope you will be able to continue to sub the other episodes in the series. It must take a lot of work and time to do this.

  5. Nightcore.EXE

    Ok, after I don’t even remember how long, I have the Japanese written out for episode 26. I am in the process of translating it. I think I can translate about one sixth of it now, but I will have to look up words for the rest. Sorry it’s taking so long, but my school doesn’t seem to think that five tests a week is a bad idea. Also, I hate Physics. On a separate note, I’ve finally started on my Rockman costume for Halloween! Yay!

  6. Cool, which Rockman are you dressing up as?
    I am going to be Shinku!

  7. jake

    Thanks a lot for your effort
    Hope you guys can continue

    please make the episodes in mkv or put the subtiltes here i have a high quality raw episodes here
    i only need the subtitles so please help

    • Episode 25 was timed, edited, and encoded in Adobe After Effects by one of IHP’s Typesetters/Timers so there is no subtitle file for this episode at the moment.

  8. Xmortal

    Does the project is active? This series is hard to get translated.

    • As of December 19th we are currently translating episode 26.
      Prior to this, we had a very small amount partly translated however we had a new member join us a couple of days ago.
      We’re not sure when it will be ready but hopefully soon.

  9. Jordan

    Really appreciate the effort you guys have put into this. Its hard to believe that after all this time other groups haven’t subbed this yet. Oh well I’ll just wait patiently for as long as I need to. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for your support!

  10. Evan

    Thanks so much for subbing these episodes!!

  11. Oddi

    Wow. This is just amazing. I have waited forever for wpp to publish anything. But I think they gave up and there was no hope left for it to be subbed. And suddenly i find this site and I am so happy someone would sub steam.

    I love you guys so much, you just made my day.

  12. Jordan

    Thanks a ton for episode 26!

  13. Sakarii

    This is just awesome, thank you. I really glad and appreciate that you guys decided to take this on considering how old it is. Please keep up the good work~!

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